You can teach someone to read

Ready, Set, Read is designed for parents who want to teach their children reading skills at home. These easy lessons can also be used to teach older children and adults how to read! Author Vera Clark teaches the phonetic sounds in simple lessons so that non-reading learners can start with the basics and progress toward reading fluency.
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Curriculum Review by Cathy Duffy

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DVD 1-5 in the lesson series

Based on the Ready, Set, Read: Reading Program, Author, Vera Clark teaches 1) The names and sounds of all letters in the alphabet, 2) How to blend these sounds into words and 3) Teaches each of the 100 lessons from the program. Ms. Clark is shown speaking, and each letter, word or sentence she teaches is shown also, with built-in pause which allows student time to repeat. This program is unique in that it is complete, not requiring an additional teacher or tutor, and it is designed for children and adults. Students learn at their own pace in approximately 10-15 minutes per lesson. Perfect for remedial use and for developing a confident reader. Each DVD contains ten lessons. Click here to learn more about the DVDs.

Sample Video

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Illustrated Lesson Books 1-5

Based on the Ready, Set, Read: Reading Program, each lesson has been transformed into a beautiful, full-color children’s book, complete with instructions for parent or teacher for presenting a phonics reading lesson. Each 16 page book contains one lesson with instructions. Original Illustrations are provided by artist, John Stone.

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