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Vera is the seventh of ten children, born to Stanford and Verna Linzey, a Navy Captain/Chaplain and a homemaker, in San Diego, California. Vera graduated from Vanguard University of Southern California in Costa Mesa, California, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and earned a Master of Arts degree in Education, with an emphasis in Special Education, from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California.

Vera is the mother of four children, and she has two grandchildren. Her first daughter, April Moore, is a coordinator of curriculum and instruction in a public school district and has recently completed a doctoral degree from USC. Her second daughter, Carolyn Dillinger, is a business attorney.  Her third daughter, Katie Waisanen, is pursuing a degree in musical theater, and her son, Eric Waisanen, is pursuing his education in the field of chemical engineering. Vera lives in Southern California.

Vera started teaching school in 1974 and quickly developed a strong interest in the subject of how we teach people to read. She felt that this subject could be made more simple. Vera experimented with her own children, beginning when they were babies, and found that each child learned to read easily and was eager to do so. She continued studying and experimenting, refining and simplifying the process and taught adults as well as many children to read. Vera has taught in private and public schools, has home schooled, has taught children who were advanced as well as children with learning disabilities.

This reading program was written at the urging of her older daughters who recognized that their academic ease and success was credited to the ability to read at an early age. They wanted to give the same advantage to their children; there fore they asked their mother to care fully write down the process for them. Vera worked on this labor of love for six years and incorporated the treasure of knowledge she gained in her thirty-plus years of teaching and parenting experience. Vera is a frequent speaker for educator and parent conferences.

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