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Ready, Set, Read

is released by author Vera Clark

Education specialist Vera Clark has released an exciting new program to teach reading! This book includes everything you need to teach a child to read, including flashcards, lesson plans and simple, step-by-step instructions. In just fifteen minutes a day, parents can follow these easy two-page lesson plans to teach their children how to read. No education required!

Ready, Set, Read is designed for parents who want to teach their children reading skills at home. These easy lessons can also be used to teach older children and adults how to read! Author Vera Clark teaches the phonetic sounds in simple lessons so that non-reading learners can start with the basics and progress toward reading fluency. There are a total of 100 lesson plans in this book as well as flash cards and additional bonus material for spelling and reading comprehension.

Vera Clark is a special education major whose specialty is teaching young and old alike to read. She has taught in both private and public schools and has also Home Schooled her own children. Cark taught her children to read using these methods and they were all able to read as toddlers! She firmly believes that if children learn to read before going to school, they will be that much more confident in their educational pursuits. She found that many reading programs designed for parents to use at home were too complicated and time consuming. After developing this simple and easy-to-use method she is happy to share it with any parent or educator who wishes to teach reading.

Ready, Set, Read
Vera Clark
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-159858-722-7
292 pages

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• Easy, fast, phonics-based reading program

• 2 page lessons

• 15 minutes a day

• Simple, step-by-step instructions

• Great for children and adults

• Made by teacher, designed for parents

• Starts at the very beginning - from non-reader to total fluency

• Everything you need in one volume - Flash cards included

• No education required - anyone can do this!

• Students learn at their own pace

• Perfect for remedial instruction and for developing a confident reader

• Perfect for home schooling! Parents often make the best teachers!